Flavored Condoms

In the modern age of Tinder dating there are a lot of creepy crawly things going around and you need to stay protected. The common miss conception is that just because you aren't having intercourse you are not at risk forĀ  a disease. Some diseases such as herpes can be spread through oral sex and … Continue reading Flavored Condoms

The Swipe

So you downloaded your new dating app and have everything set to start browsing threw potential dates/sex partners/ whatever. Now this is the fun part about the new dating scene there is no need to go to the bar to make first contact with anyone. But there is a big problem with this because people … Continue reading The Swipe

The Joys of Venting

Here is a quick post about an everyday thing that may be able to help you out. Venting is a very important part of any relationship. It lets you get things off your chance and let your other half know about what going on in your life. By continuously venting you can let out pent-up … Continue reading The Joys of Venting