The Swipe

So you downloaded your new dating app and have everything set to start browsing threw potential dates/sex partners/ whatever. Now this is the fun part about the new dating scene there is no need to go to the bar to make first contact with anyone. But there is a big problem with this because people can change whatever they want online to make themselves look better then what they really are and can pull you into their trap here are some things you should consider.

Now I think everyone is guilty of the swiping of every person that comes across your screen at some point during a desperate point but this is a big no no. Why you ask? Because with most of these apps there are a limited number of swipes you have in a day and only so many close single people with relevant profiles. This means you have to be a little pickier at who you are going swipe right on.

You should always read the persons profile to see if you have something in common with them or you have some bases of who they are. This no matter what you intentions are will give you a leg up if you end up matching with this person. Another reason it is good to check what their about me says are for the profiles that state “looking for my cheating boyfriend” or something around the lines that they are not into you. This just saves you a few swipes and chances of meeting a person you actually have a shot with.

Sometimes there is no about me listed and that doesn’t give you any help at all but can signify  something else, bots. Now bots are something that the ladies don’t really have to worry about because from the talks with my female friends they haven’t run into them. On top of guys are more likely to fall for some trick that the model like blonde wants to meet up and have sex. Now guys bots is a topic I would like to spend a whole post on but the short of it is a bot is a picture of a girl that is just a front for a computer program that will try and drag you to some site that is designed to get your credit card information. Please don’t fall for this and watch out for any one that messages you real quick and gives you an out of town number.

Last quick point about swiping you need to know is what I call the down shot. The down shot is that selfie where the picture is taken above the person taking it. Chances are the person is covering up their size and if somebody can’t be honest with a few pictures what else can they be hiding.

That is a few quick pointers on swiping so go out and have some fun.





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