Dating an Addict

With the drug epidemic growing to new heights daily you are probably going to run into someone with a drug addiction. You could be like I was and think I would never date someone who has mixed themselves up with this kind of thing. Well as I learned you will too that we all have our flaws and you could be missing out on a special person that is going through  the fight of their life.

If you happen to run into a person that you fancy and they end up sharing this part of their life with you they need someone understanding. They need someone who is going to support them with trying to live a sober life style for the rest of their life. This could mean not drinking around them or not smoking. Any substance that can lead them down the rabbit hole into darkness.

In my experience they will also need positive fun things to do. This could be just about anything that isn’t bar hopping. You could take up skiing, bowling, lifting, or just about anything with an ing. I have seen how people shy away from people going through this because they can’t chill and have a drink. All this does is depress an addict making them feel bad about the situation they are in and pull away from everyone. But the person that is the afflict needs to also be open about how they are feeling and let people in. Which leads into one of the harder points of dating an addict.

The hardest part of dating someone with an addiction is how they don’t seem to let you in all the time. From what I have learned if you are not an addict they may feel a little insecure and only share things with their group or counselors. It may take time to have them open up to you about everything going on in their life but it will be worth it. I have learned that there are just some things having this support from others isn’t something you should take as a personal offense but something to be thankful they have. Addicts need all the support they can get to stay clean and not go down the wrong path.

To the addicts reading this you are strong and you can make it through this there are better things out there for you. I hope this post helps people dealing with this situation and not cutting and running with people suffering from addiction.

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