Doing it On The First Date

So you may have or not been in the situation you are on a “date” or “hanging out” with somebody that you just met and the hormones start flying around. You and this person just click and things are heating up. Next thing you know its decision time….. to have sex or not.

Now we all want to have sex and there is nothing wrong with doing the deed but there are some things to consider. Whatever you do the first time you meet each other sets the precedent for the rest of the relationship that the two of you have with each other. So ladies you go and let some guy have sex with you the first time you meet he is going to think this is what is going to be happening all the time I know I do. So if you don’t plan on getting down all the time I would wait for a second date.

Another thing for the ladies to consider when putting out the first date is why would this guy continue to see you? Ever hear of why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? In my experience if you just meet somebody and have sex right away that’s all they were really looking for and it’s not going too much farther.

A thing for the guys to think about is if you get lucky on the first date how many other guys have also gotten lucky on the first date? It is way easier for girls to get picked up and taken out then it is for you to ask them out. Another thought is a girl who is that easy isn’t a girl you want to take home to mom.

Now there are always exceptions to the rule and you only live once so go out and experiment. This is all food for thought so eat up until next time.



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