You Want To Get Back With Your Ex

So you and that special someone have broken it off and nothing seems as good as it once was. Your stalking their Facebook, listening to that artist they told you about, or whatever it is that makes missing them suck a little less. Now its a few weeks later they want to get better and you think this will make all the hurt go away. STOP!!!!

One of the worst things you can do is go back to an ex lover. Sure there are many fairy tale stories of this happening and everything working out but  usually this isn’t the case. You and this person broke up for some reason and that doesn’t change the situation. It might take some time but this bad part of the two of you will surface again and again pushing you apart. You have to realize that you deserve a relationship where everything is actually better.

I have made this mistake myself and let me tell you it isn’t fun and until you realize your mistake you are going to keep making the same one with this person. I kept going back to the same old person and getting bossed around day in and day out. I was miserable but I didn’t want to be without this person. This was because I didn’t think I could ever have what I had with this person again. Let say that I found that and more, and its possible that everything got even better.

There are billions of people in this world so why settle for the one that isn’t a perfect fit. Keep searching and looking to you find the person that makes you feel all special inside in the good times and the bad.


Thanks for reading and please share! Keep your head up lover.



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