5 Quick Date Ideas

Well we have all been there, you have been talking to someone for a few days and now its time to take them out. But what to do? This was a common problem that I faced when trying to make plans with someone so here are 5 quick ideas.

1. Meet to Eat

The easiest date idea is go out to a place with good food. Lets face it a typical person eats 3 meals a day so what a great way to break that ice with someone then over good food. The great benefit of going somewhere to eat is finding something in common that you and your date both like to eat. This can lead to a fast go to down the line when you’re in a pinch for something to do and go back to “our spot”.


2. Put Put

I always like going to put-put because there is a lot of social interaction. This activity gets you out of the awkward state of talking to the other person and easing your nerves. You can go back and forth your turn mine turn and get to know the person while you go.  Put put places normally seem to have an ice cream bar and you can finish up with a sweet treat.

3. Laser Tag

I think laser tag is a great date idea because these places have everything you need right in one location. Its fun working up a sweat shooting futuristic laser guns at other people and competing with  your date. But another great thing is these places usually serve food so to save you money on gas you can hit up the snack bar and grab a slice of pizza.


4. Go visit a local tourist spot

Something that I have learned in my local area is that many people haven’t been to local attractions because they are so busy with tourists. There is something  cool about being there with someone their first time seeing something like Niagara Falls and making that memory. The cool part is if this is in fact the first time you have been there you will remember it as a cool date with this new person in your life.  And there could be a lot of sweet picture opportunities.

5. Old school Drive in

Now movies are not a good first date idea because the lack of social interaction but if you are a couple of cine-file try to find a drive in. The drive in gives you that space away from everybody else in your own car so if you talk to the person you are with you don’t bother other people. Another cool benefit of going to a drive in is there is usually more than one movie you get to see with a ticket. This means more time with your new-found flame and set the foundation for more dates to come.


That is it for today for quick dating advice, please share with your friends and have a safe fun date.



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