Your Friend Flowers

Guys you ever felt you have been in a rut with your lady? Feel as if the spark is kinda died a bit and you don’t know how to recharge it? Your shot of lightning that is an easy fix is your new friend flowers.

Now flowers wont fix all your problems but to try to let the woman in your life you still find her special or that you do, find her a nice bouquet. women like flowers for many different reasons. They smell nice, look great, and they remind her that you got them for her.  Every time the female friend of yours walks into the room where these flowers are that you got her she is going to remember that. This can lead to her wanting to do a little something special for you.  Now you have the why, but how?

The very key to flower giving is simple, make it a surprise. The problem that most guys  (or whoever) face is they buy flowers just on a special occasion. This just makes you seem like you are doing this out of habit and not really putting thought into it. Make the flowers an even so that when she’s talking to all her friends it’s that thing you did last Tuesday!

Now one last tip is to survey the flowers when you are buying them. You want to buy the formation that has less flowers that are open and in a full bloom. Sure the ones that are blooming look nicer now but they won’t last long. If you give flowers that last longer the every lasting effects of them will last a bit longer.

Ok that was my two cents about giving flowers go share with your lover interest. And as always share my post with your friends so you spread the knowledge.


Here is a link to some vases if your lover doesn’t have one or a few to put their flowers in:



Clear Glass:



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