Whose dreams?

The problem that a lot of couples face at some point in time is, what really matters in the relationship? What compromises can we make where both people are on a level ground and there is going to be no love lost? I think that just about everything can be worked through suck as politics, watching the kids, and what to eat. Many things that you end up deciding will not make you look back and have resentment other than your dreams.

Everybody has dreams some people act on them and others just let them fall to the wayside. Some its a dream career or to make the best duct tape prom dress. Whatever your dream is if you are going to try to achieve it you should go forward full steam ahead and give it your all. But what I would like to tell you about is when your significant other doesn’t share your dream.

I have dealt with this and I am sure some of you have too, where your other half doesn’t want you to take that job or do those late night workouts. The thing is this is your life and you need to make the most out of it for you. If in your relationship you can’t be supported for doing something that is a passion of yours maybe your relationship isn’t worth it. I am not saying just go dump somebody cause you want to be a cheese dog eating champion. But sometimes we get caught up with being in a relationship that we forget about the individual we are in it. And if you get the offer of a lifetime for work and have to move to take it and are not supported then the other person doesn’t share your goals and probably doesn’t deserve you.

Well that’s my two cents on that hope everybody can work everything out. Please share and have a safe one.

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