Going on a Trip

At some point when you are dating somebody the two of you are going to want to get away. Here are a few hit item things to think about while pretending your get away.



Thats right I wanted to start out strong with the big one that hits home money. Money is the cause of a lot of relationship problems and when it comes to a trip what do you do? My best advice would be to plan ahead and save. By following this simple guide line you will be able to know in advance where you are going and have the money to do so. Whenever you make a haste decision you could end up spending more than you planned on and cause more stress then is needed. Set a few bucks a week aside for your trip and you will be on your way to vacation bliss.

Where to go?

Well high level question that comes up is where to go, I think this depends on the couple some are so in tune with each other where some can snap say we are going somewhere while others may need to battle it out. I suggest making a list and then seeing where you and your partner stand with everything. Maybe there is a mutual destination that wasn’t both your first pick that you can agree on. Or another easy idea for younger couples starting out is go visit out-of-town family. This can take part of the money of a trip out of the equation and you could have built-in people to hang with so it just wont be stress on the two of you.

Here is a printable diagram that can help you out:   Vacation Diagram


OK so I am totally against the rushing around vacation where it’s all planned out but if you can make a list of thing you would like to do where you are going it could help the flow. Nobody wants to go away to just sit and watch TV all day. I suggest finding cool things to do in the area that you are going and make a list what you would like to see. Another cool trick is to talk to the locals and see where they like to eat and local things that tourist site don’t usually highlight.


Well hate to cut this short but I have to run and catch a plane to somewhere. Stay classy followers and remember to have a good one.

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