Flavored Condoms

In the modern age of Tinder dating there are a lot of creepy crawly things going around and you need to stay protected. The common miss conception is that just because you aren’t having intercourse you are not at risk for  a disease. Some diseases such as herpes can be spread through oral sex and nobody wants that. My suggestion is flavored condoms.

Flavored can keep a barrier between you and whoever you are with keeping you safe. The best part about them is that they are FLAVORED. Straight, Gay, or whatever you identify as who doesn’t like flavored things. Some of the big named companies make interesting flavors that give oral sex an added layer. I personally have not had one in my mouth but they do smell good and the partners I had enjoyed them. There is also is another added bonus that can come in handy.

Ever come to that moment where things got spiced up and you or the other person is going down south but hey you don’t like the ending of giving head? Boom these condoms will change that nobody has to worry about spitting or swallowing, even that tapping the shoulder game is all over. You can enjoy oral and not ever have to worry about these things again. And if it gets heated up more than that you can just have sex because Hey! they are condoms.

All right readers that’s it for my little service announcement of the day. Please share with your friends.

Link: Here is a link to some flavored items on Amazon


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