Cute Panties

Hey readers this is a service announcement for the LADIES or for some guys.

Ladies if you are looking to drive a guy crazy you are into or reignite the flame with your other half you need to look at your underwear selection. Even tho the fad of just not wearing any underwear is in guys love that moment of taking your underwear off, its like opening a present on Christmas.  So when your wrapping your mans gift don’t go for the boring maroon wrappings for every day, get something cute to light up the world.

The key to picking something catchy is thinking of advertisement signs. advertisements are all bright and catch people’s eyes that is essentially what you want this special person to see. You could even pick out something that they are into like hunting camo, which I had a buddy whose wife got some and he was flipping out.

So stay flashy and don’t fall into an old boring rut. That is it for me for today just something to think of, and share with your friends.


Here is a link to some panties that could turn a head or too




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